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Children's Choir (SSA unaccompanied)

Modal Magic

composed 1983 - 1986, funded by the Australia Council; première at ASME conference Adelaide 1986 (from the CD Choralations, recorded in 1999 with Clingansingers)

1. Don't Be A Dodo

2. Rainbow

3. Mister MacDonald

4. Faerie

5. Song Of A Seed

6. Laughter

7. Tintinnabulation

8. Postlude - A Mess Of Modes


Adult SSA Choir

from the CD Choralations, recorded in 1999 with the Variables

The Jumblies

In What Mode Shall I Love Thee


SAB Choir and isntrumental ensemble

excerpts from Kakadu 1990 (words Marian Clingan and Judith Clingan). Written while Composer in Residence for Gaudeamus ACT in 1990; première with Gaudeamus at ISME conference Finland 1990. Received Sounds Australian Award for Music Theatre, ACT 1991. Performers Gaudeamu s 1991 and Wayfarers 2006


Making Fire




SATB Choir unaccompanied

A Fool Came Riding Along Here (on the CD Choralations with Clingansingers): excerpt from Adam's Rib? commissioned by Women Composers Festival 1997

Also go the the events page to listen to Why? (SSAB unaccompanied, 2017): Virtual choir performance with singers from all over Australia, Taiwan, Germany and Brazil.


Excerpts from Songs of Middle Earth

sung by Clingansingers and Nagnilc Ensemble 1999


I Sang of Leaves

Where Now the Horse and the Rider?

In Western Lands

Music Theatre

Go to the events page to watch the complete performance of The Little Prince (Wayfarers, Canberra 2017)

Harmonia Mundi (performed by Wayfarers Australia and around the world) on YouTube:

Complete performance in Japan 2017

Excerpts from 2019 performances in Australia (two casts)

Wondrous Plants 2019


Fruits of Hope (Australia 2019, performed by Wayfarers from Australia and around the world) on YouTube


Chamber Music

Four of the seven songs, Songs of Solitude, 1991 - Merlyn Quaife soprano, wind quartet and harp

1 I Lie in Unmown Grass

3 The Bush is Waiting For Me

4 Alone is Not Necessarily Lonely

5 Homesickness




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